Hello and Welcome to the Beardies website.

I've been involved with the wonderful Bearded Collie since 1984. They have had an endearing place in my heart ever since. We have done lots of activities including flyball, conformation shows, herding activities, agility and obedience. This breed loves to please you and will take on anything you want to try. They never stop learning and are happy to join you wherever you go. First and foremost, my dogs are family pets and live in our home with us.

This comical herding dog has originated in Scotland. They are intelligent thinkers and have an off handed humorous way of getting their own way! It is their charming charisma like no other that allows them to laugh with you! They have strong natural instinct to do the task for which it was bred. They herd anything and everything that moves including butterflies, balloons, bouncing balls, joggers, ducks, sheep, cattle and oh yes especially children! Their exuberance can overwhelm small children. However, sheep would never allow them to hug and kiss them. Children Love it! They are famous for their "Beardie Bounce" they can bound straight up on all fours just to kiss you and a 6 foot high fence is highly recommended.

Beardies generally get along well with other dogs. They are medium sized dog with long shaggy double coats that require regular weekly grooming sessions. Adult females range 40 - 45 lbs and males are usually 45 - 55 lbs. They must have daily exercise to remain healthy and content. These dogs have a life span of 12 to 16 years and can bounce to the end.

This fun loving affectionate breed thrives best when involved with the family. To bond with your Beardie and become a valued family member, it must live in your home with you. All dogs need nutritious food, clean water and shelter, grooming, training, exercise, regular veterinary check ups and especially love. If you plan to skimp on any of these points, please don't get a Beardie. In fact, please don't get a dog at all.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the Bearded Collie.


Rhonda Mousseau